Fast, Focused and Imperfect #Action

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  • Create a sense of clarity about how to quickly grow your business
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  •  Identify the most powerful actions that will move you toward the business and lifestyle you desire
  • Complete the strategy session with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the business you truly want

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3.) Maintain only the best clients who bring out the best in you

​At this stage in the system, you are attracting so many clients that you almost can’t keep up. You are confident in your Marketing. You know exactly how to attract clients and why they want to work with you. You can communicate what you do with clarity and authority.​

During this step, you begin to put the right systems and the right people in place to take your business to the next level. You raise the bar even higher to serve your clients even deeper, and to reach even more people. At this point, the sky's the limit and you can accomplish literally anything you put your mind to.

Your business and your situation are unique - but I am confident I can help you get to 6-figures this year. If you're already at the 6-figure mark, then let's talk about how to get to the next level. 

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At this stage, you have a substantial income and you have the option of working with the very best clients. You have raised your prices several times, and your business is a well-oiled machine. Your services are constantly improving and you are the best service provider in your space.

4.) Scale your business as big as you want it to be - while still having all the time, impact and            money you want. 

2.) Enroll your ideal clients easily and naturally.

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I Can Help You Land More Clients and Reach 6-Figures

Faster Than You Think Possible

Hi! I'm Craig Severinsen, founder of Bright Works PR and Marketing. I help Entrepreneurs who are frustrated their service business isn't as successful as they want it to be. I help them to land more clients, faster than they think possible, so they can spend time doing what they really love.

My program teaches you how to master your Marketing and your business. I'm a collaborator; a part of your team. Together, we can build your business quickly. Faster than you probably think is possible.   

How do I help you? Well, it depends on your individual situation. A good place to start is with this presentation right here:

The Million Dollar Business Success System

Attract -> Enroll -> Maintain -> Scale

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The secret to successful implementation of the Million Dollar Business Success System is the foundation of

Fast, Focused and Imperfect #Action.

At this stage, you are able to easily enroll clients into your service with confidence. You are empowered by the service you provide, and you know that the best way for your clients to get results is to work with you. Your enrollment process is natural and powerful. You are known for the extreme value you provide to every person who comes in contact with your business and your reputation is spreading like wildfire.

How would you like to know exactly how to grow your business to 6-figures? What about 7-figures or even 8? 

What would it mean to you if you had a clear pathway to create the exact business you want, and live the exact life you want?

The Million Dollar Business Success System is how we can guarantee you create the business success you want. All of Bright Works PR and Marketing's programs revolve around this system - because it's proven to build hugely successful businesses. 

The Million Dollar Business Success System  isn't complicated. In fact, it's elegantly simple. Here is what it looks like:

1.) Attract all the clients you can handle - and more!